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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Springbarrel Songwriter Services is known throughout the music community as a comfortable place which is frequented by professional songwriters, musicians, engineers, producers and a host of other music business folk. Take a load off, bend an ear, share project info, and of course, find a hit song - all in a pleasant atmosphere. But, our doors are also open to new and upcoming musical talents. Nothing pleases us more than to find the next hitmaker among those with whom we come in contact.

We take pride in being accessible to writers at an early stage in their career and we strive to develop long lasting relationships. By helping writers make informed decisions early on, we can help their careers grow. New writers have said they (quote), "love the open, friendly, yet competitive atmosphere." They also appreciate that our service includes feedback from the people we pitch their songs to. We highly value the opinions of record producers and A&R staff and we like to pass their comments along to our clients.

Writer/clients who are (or have been) signed to publishing contracts appreciate that there's no such thing as the flavor of the week at Springbarrel. In other words, we don't give up on a great song just because it isn't cut right away. We will continue to pitch a great song to find the right artist and project. Promoting greatness just makes sense to us.

Springbarrel is fortunate to have an extremely dedicated and talented staff and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank them for their good work. (You're the Best!)

Finally, we hope to continue to grow - in wisdom, talent, prosperity, and last, but not least, in our fundamental and universal love of music as we give the glory to the Creator of it all.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started With Springbarrel?

Send us a CD Compilation of your original completed songs. You may send us up to 15 songs so that a Schedule A list can be determined. Or you may mp3 us, but limit 3 mp3s per email. Our mailing address and email address are below.

If My Song(s) Is Accepted What Is Your Retainer Fee?

We offer several Schedule A Songplugging Agreements, therefore the monthly Retainer Fee is in correlation with the Schedule A chosen for the Writer. Feel free to email us for more Retainer Fee information.

Do I Need A Publisher or Song Plugger?

We get this question a lot. It stems from not knowing the difference between a Publisher's job and a Song Plugger's job. No, you should never pay a Publisher to pitch your song(s).

A Publisher's Job: A Publisher represents songs that they have been given a Single Song Agreement or songs from the Writer whom the Publisher has given a Staff Writer (Publishing) postion. At this point the Pubisher will begin helping the Writer with demo costs and paying the Writer a draw (salary) against future royalties. All of this is in exchange for a portion or in whole the Writer's portion of the copyright on each song.
If the Publisher is not helping with demo costs, is not paying the Writer a draw, doesn't have a salaried Songplugger or hired an Independent Songplugging Service like Springbarrel then it might be time to reconsider working with that particular Publisher.

If the Writer is looking for a Staff Writing Deal with a draw against future royalties, demo help and representation the Writer needs a Publisher.

Most of the time on a Single Song Publishing Agreement the Writer will not receive demo help, receive a draw, or be offered a Staff Writer Postion.

Be advised a Staff Writer Publishing Position is very hard to come by without a proven track record.

Also, understand when the Writer assigns a portion or in whole the percentage of the publishing (copyright) they own could become the Publisher's forever. Unless the Writer has a reversion clause in their Single Song or Staff Writer Agreement the song is the Publisher's. It is the Publisher who makes the decision who can cut a song, for the Publisher is the only one who can issue a Mechanical or Compulsory License for an Artist to record the song.

If the Publisher secures a cut for the Writer, the Publisher will recoup all of the Writer's draw and demo cost first, before the Writer receives any of the Mechanical (royalty from sales) Royalties.

The Publishing Companies are naturally trying to build their Catalogue. The Publisher can then sell their Catalogue, and most of the time the Writers of the compositions do not receive any money from the sale. Another point to consider is that both the Writer and Publisher receive Airplay Royalties and Mechanical Royalties. If the Writer has managed to hold on to a portion of their publishing they would receive both Writer and Publisher Royalties. This is the number one reason that most Writers want to retain a portion of the copyright and choose to hire an Song Plugger for the long term benefits are more beneficial for them. The Writer should always have a Music Attorney look over any Contract or Agreement before signing, this is something we encourage Writers to do even with our own Agreements.

A Song Plugger's Job: A Song Plugger represents the Writer or Publisher's song(s) by pitching a Writer's song(s) to the decision makers within an Artist's camp. Most Song Pluggers receive a Retainer Fee for their services. Bascially, their job is to get the song(s) heard by the people who are listening for the Artist's upcoming Project (album).

If the Writer wishes to retain their portion of the publishing (copyright) on songs they have written, then the Writer needs a Song Plugger for representation.

If My Song Is So Good, Why Wouldn't You Pitch If For Free?

Springbarrel has normal day to day operating expenses in order to do a good job in pitching your songs. Ask yourself when you go to work do you expect to be paid? What if your employer said, "our company is so great you should work here for free." We bet you would not be happy with that arrangement! Of course not. We work hard for our Clients. After all the Writer has invested time and money into demoes, and what good is having a good song, a good demo then not give it the chance it needs to be heard.

We know our Clients work hard for their money, and we work hard for our Clients.

What Are Your Back End Bonuses If A Cut Is Secured?

None. No Back End Bonuses on secured Major Label or Indy cuts are asked of you.

Do You Take Any Portion Of My Publishing Rights?

No, we do not ask for any portion of the Writer's publishing under our Standard Songplugging Agreements. A Writer will need to keep all or a portion of his/her publishing to negotiate with a Publisher should they seek a Staff Writer position with a Publishing Company.

If Springbarrel Askes For No Back End Bonuses or Publishing Would That Effect The Efforts Made For A Writer?

Absolutely not! Our incentive is to see the Writer reach his/her goals. After 41 years in the music business we know first hand the sacrifices one has to make in order to stay in the business and we are willing to make our part of the sacrifice for our Clients.

Do You Accept All Songs That Are Submitted To You?

No, we turn down songs and Writers on a regular basis. Yes, it is money to us, but we have earned the reputation of pitching good songs and we hope to keep it that way. Further more we have to limit our number of Writers we sign so that our plates never get too full so to effect the number of pitches we schedule to make.

On An Average How Many Pitches Do You Make During A Pitch Period?

A normal Pitch Period is 3-6 Months. During a Pitch Period we normally make 30+ pitches for each Standard Schedule A Writer's Song(s) but at different times during the Pitch Period.

So our first step is to schedule a Writer's song(s) and prepare them for the requested preferred pitch method by the Artist's Camp.

Is Springbarrel A Publishing Company?

No, Springbarrel is not a Publishing Company.

Do You Promise Success? Cuts?

No, no one can promise a cut or success. It is a Song Plugger's job to get the song(s) heard by the people who our listening for a particular Artist. We do our job, after that it is the song's job to get itself cut! Even though we can't promise success or a certain percentage of cuts, we do know that your odds are zero if no one ever hears your song(s).

Do You Send Out A Pitch Report?

All Springbarrel Clients receive The Daily Schedule via email which them know the Artists we are scheduling and processing our pitches to.

How Are Our Pitches Made?

Below is a more detailed look at our daily activities, and in particular, an overview of how a client's Schedule A Song(s) pitches are arranged for, scheduled and carried out.

We receive information and requests for new song material through a variety of means and sources. For example, we are constantly in touch with those involved in recording projects through phone calls and emails. But, the process of collecting and effectively using this information can be somewhat more complex.
To that end we:

-arrange and attend private pitch meetings with Artists, Managers and Record Label Executives.

-utilize paid subscription source information compiled by industry researchers.

-receive info concerning recording dates directly from Record Labels.

-attend "by-invitation-only" Artist showcases.

-receive "pre-press" notices of events such as Artist record deal signings, Record Producer assignments, and recording schedules from Labels and Artist Managers.

-And last, but certainly not least, we get tips and info from a substantial network of friends and business associates (for which we are eternally grateful!)

-Once we know the recording project managers' preferred pitching method, we schedule and make our pitches accordingly during the window of opportunity relative to each Artists' Project.

Sit Down Meetings...Not every pitch is a sit-down pitch, but we are fortunate to have earned the (much sought after) privilege of sit down meetings with Record Label A&R Reps, Producers, Artist Managers, and sometimes the Artists themselves. Our time is limited in these meetings, but usually we get to pitch 5 to 10 songs. The songs pitched in these meetings must be the best possible pitches for the project. Otherwise, we will not be granted another appointment. It's also important to note that we're often asked to bring additional pitch comps over, which creates the opportunity to pitch more Springbarrel songs. Since the Label Reps have heard the "cream of the crop" at the sit down meetings, they automatically associate our name with great songs and are far more likely to listen when pitch comps arrive bearing the Springbarrel or SSServices label. This opens up additional opportunities for songs written by our new and upcoming writers to be heard by the right people.

Requests To Hand Deliver Pitch Comps... When sit down meetings aren't immediately possible due to the time constraints of a Label Rep's current daily schedule, they will honor us with a request to hand deliver pitch comps directly to their offices. (Many listen to comps while commuting to and from work.) These pitches are followed with calls and emails so the Rep can be sure the pitch is pertinent and has been requested by them personally.

Requests to Mail Pitch Comps... On a given day it would be difficult (if not impossible) for any person to be the acquaintance of every Rep at every Label in every music market across the country. Along with the enormity of this is the fact that a few Labels insist they don't grant sit down meetings because their Artists write the vast majority of their own material. For these and other reasons, we sometimes request the privilege of mailing pitch comps to out-of-town Reps. But, we do so only after contacting the right person at the Label to obtain the info needed to properly make the pitch. Nonetheless, we're glad to report this method can be successful. We regularly receive emails and calls thanking us for pitch comps we've mailed to projects recorded outside Nashville.

In-Office Meetings... Producers, A&R Reps, and Artists make appointments to stop by our office to listen to new material and have pitch comps be prepared for them. We are happy to report that the frequency and duration of these meetings has increased from day one. Not only are we able to extend our hospitality to these decision makers, we provide them additional songs to consider at their convenience for current or upcoming projects.

Lunch Meetings... These meetings are a well-tested method of staying informed. We're able to casually discuss upcoming Artist Projects, get updates on the types songs already cut, the type of material still needed for the Artist, and other pertinent project information.

Songplugger Group Meetings... Our involvement with Professional Songplugger Groups allows us to further develop relationships with guest speakers chosen among the A&R Reps, Producers, Artists, and Managers we have mentioned so often in these paragraphs. The up-close-and-personal nature of these informative meetings means the shared experiences of the individual members will benefit all. In fact, membership in professional organizations is as important in the music industry as it is in any other business.

MP3s Emailed Direct... to Label Reps. Producers, Management, and the Artists themselves through email address supplied us by the Label, A/R, Management and Artists. This method is fast, efficient and widely used.

Springbarrel's Online Private Pitch Room...We had received requests from A/R Reps to supply a direct link to listen to our Clients songs via the internet at any given time. In 2012 we developed our own Online Password Protected Private Pitch Room in order to meet the Request.

Social Media...Springbarrel recognizes the importance of Social Media Outlets and takes full advantage of their ways and means not only to keep up with current Artist Activity but also to shine a light on our Client's successes!

Once again, and I stress, we respectfully make our Pitches using the Preferred Pitch Method requested by the individual Record Label, Artist Management, Producer or Artist. It is very important to follow protocol.

Summary... In closing, it's important to note that although certain aspects of our business may seem quite simple on the surface, the opportunity for success in music is usually earned over time - it is the culmination of much effort made through many relationships that are developed throughout the years. And, while ever-mindful that the writer's goal of composing a great song presents its own set of challenges, we heartily welcome the great challenge of finding that song a good home.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Springbarrel.

We will be happy to email you more information if requested.

Please Remember The Following Before Submitting Songs/ Material To Springbarrel:

Your submission of compositions for review constitutes agreement with the Warranty-Indemnification Clauses

Songwriter/Publisher hereby warrants and represents that they have the full right to submit lyrics, melodies, concepts or completed compositions to Springbarrel Songwriter Services, LLC for review or representation and to enter into an Agreement and shall not enter into any third party lien, mortgage, partnership or any other binding agreement which may, during the Term of the Agreement, prohibit such warranties or representation.

Songwriter/ Publisher hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Springbarrel Songwriter Services, LLC (Company) and its staff and/or contractors for any third-party claims which may arise with respect to submitting lyrics, melodies, concepts or completed compostions to Springbarrel for review or representation and an Agreement or the Schedule A list of Subject Compositions submitted.


You Must Be At Least 18 Years Old To Submit Songs/Material To Springbarrel Songwriter Services, LLC For Review Or To Be Offered Any Of Our Songplugging Agreements. If You Submit Songs/Material To Springbarrel Songwriter Services, LLC You Are Acknowledging You Are Of Legal Age To Enter Into The Terms Stated In Our Contractual Agreements.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Springbarrel!

Just Email Us
Putting FAQ REQUEST In The Subject Box. Thank You For Your Interest In Springbarrel Songwriter Services. We look forward to hearing from you.


Because our business is based on pitching great songs, we need to listen to your material before we could offer an Independent Songplugging Agreement on a particular song or catalog. If you would like for the Springbarrel Staff to review your material our mailing and office addresses are below.

Thank You

You Do Not Need To Request Permission To Submit Songs To Springbarrel.

Remember For Quicker Reponse Email Us.

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Springbarrel Songwriter Services, LLC
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"There are a lot of other Songpluggers and then there's Springbarrel! Springbarrel sets itself apart from the competition by truly caring about each and every client! We've dealt with a lot of other pluggers but none compare with how Carol Perdew and the folks at Springbarrel make you feel, they really take getting your songs cut seriously. They have gotten us 3 Cuts and numerous holds. At Springbarrel it's not just a business, it's a relationship! Thanks Carol you and your crew are the greatest!"

Jerry Blackburn & Ron Stevens

Miles Apart Publishing, Inc.

"Hi Carol and all at Springbarrel,"
"Thank you Springbarrel, for pitching two wonderful songs that we recorded on my latest album ‘Life’s Miracle’. Both song titles, Look What "He’s Given To Me" and "Waiting On A Miracle" have proven to be very popular with the public here in Ireland and elsewhere. I do look forward to working with you all again in the near future. Keep on making and finding great music and songs."
"God Bless you all!"

James Kilbane.

James Kilbane (Artist)

"Springbarrel is THE place to find great songs, get wonderful feedback on your own songs, and is THE #1 place to get your songs into the "right" hands! I will forever be grateful for all of the Springbarrel family's advice and hard work over the years, and, I look forward to working with them for many more to come!"

Holly Lucas (Artist)

"Working with the folks at Springbarrel was one of the smartest moves we ever made as songwriters. Carol and Howard are genuine and honest, and Carol is one of the hardest working songpluggers out there."

Marvin Adcock & John Bizzack


"Carol, I can't thank you enough for your help and faith in me. If there where ever a Grammy for song plugger, music lover and/or a top profesional on Music Row in Nashville, it should be you. ( Just as long as it - the Grammy - doesn't literally melt like mine ) - you know the story !!! LOL !! Congrats also on your "family" at Springbarrel and Bayou Recording Studio. The best !!"
"God Bless," Duane Hitchings

Writer of "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"

Duane Hitchings

Springbarrel Songwriter Services

Carol Perdew

Creative Director

Carol Perdew began a music industry career in 1970 as member of WSM television's "Young Country," a popular weekend feature showcasing Music Row's new talent. As an artist she made TV and personal appearances opening for established acts Mel Tillis, Conway Twitty, Ronnie McDowell and others. During this period, Perdew and future husband, award winning songwriter Howard Perdew, signed songwriting contracts with Lair Music Publishing under the direction of Fred Carter, Jr.. Perdew has worked within the organizations of artists Joe Diffie and Tim McGraw Currently holding the position of Creative Director for Springbarrel Songwriter Services and Howard Perdew Music. It is her honor to work with and support the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI). Perdew's goal is "to assist songwriters in sharing their God-given talents and to generally promote Country Music as an important American music genre."

Springbarrel represents Songwriters who have had their songs recorded by Joe Diffie, Alan Jackson, Martina McBride, Craig Morgan, George Strait, Travis Tritt, Darryl Worley, Gary Barlow and Rod Stewart, as well as many Independent Artists. Our clients have also composed music placed in prime time tv series, daytime soaps, as well as national ads by Ford Motor Company and Applebee's Restaurants, including the latter's current "Carside To Go" campaign.


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